At PRIYA we open our office doors and factory gates to interns: throughout the year many students spend time with us to get a taste of working life and to gain valuable insights into the different occupational fields at the PRIYA industry.As part of a short, part-time or full-time internship you also get to understand a great deal about people, technology, processes and corporate culture. You learn to put the theory you have studied at university into practice and to hone your teamwork skills. These represent key requirements for your future success in the workplace and put you at a distinct advantage in relation to your fellow students when applying for a job. Practical experience is, after all, a prerequisite for a successful application with the PRIYA industry .

You should have the following qualifications for your internship at PRIYA INDUSTRY:

> Good high school grades
> Good results in your university/college courses
> Ideally initial practical experience (e.g. in the form of internships or student-jobs)
> Team skills
> Ability to work independently
> Activities outside the university environment
> Duration of the internship: a minimum of eight weeks to a maximum of six months.
Depending on your degree course you can complete internships in a variety of fields.
By being involved in ongoing projects you are able to gain valuable technical expertise and
hands on project experience - in development and production, but also in administration,
purchasing, sales/marketing, human resources. We will mutually agree personal performance
targets and will meet with you regularly to give you feedback on your personal development.Click Here To Apply For Industrial Internship

Duration of the internship.

We are flexible with regards to the duration of the internship. We offer shorter internships lasting two to three months as well as internships on a full-time or part-time basis. It is also possible to combine compulsory and voluntary internships or an internship and a final thesis. You should allow at least two months for the internship, however, feel free to spend more time with us. The longer you stay the more involved you can become in interesting topics and the more you are able to develop valuable skills. Five or six months would be ideal. Are you planning to study engineering? Or have you already started the first part of your degree? Depending on your study regulations, six to ten weeks is the ideal time for the mandatory technical pre-degree internship. Regarding the timing of your industrial internship we are happy to comply with the requirements laid down in your examination rules.


Students who are enrolled at a university or a university of applied sciences are eligible for participation.


It is always worth submitting an unsolicited/speculative application for an internship via our online tool. Your application should reach us TWO months before the desired start date. All current internship vacancies in the various business sectors and locations can be found on our online job market for students. Though, trainings are held at our Ghaziabad office, in UP usually but our engineers always look for other ideal locations for organizing a week long workshops as well. For further information, please share at or call the following number 7068 91 61 31.