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Cutting services

PRIYA MECHO Profiling Contractors BV offers cut-to-size services including weld preparation for pipes and hollow sections, as well as for HEA, HEB and IPE beams, other profiles and special profiles CNC controlled cutters and robotic profiling lines provide the copings to your materials and ensure delivery of a complete package that is ready for further processing.
Our clients include steel construction and offshore enterprises, machine and crane builders, processing companies and road and civilworks industries. They all choose PRIYA MECHO for our flexibility, short turnaround times and savings on welding and fitting time.
Extensive service package
Our services extend beyond steel profiling. Besides offering advice on how to reduce welding volume we perform input material checks, ensure traceability and mark reference lines and numbers. Transportation and storage facilities can also be provided if required.
With a highly motivated team, a modern plant, storage surface of more than one hectare and 50 tonnes of crane capacity, all is in place for the successful completion of any project, regardless of its size. For an overview of our previous projects, please have a look at our references page.
Our presence and machines
We currently have 12 CNC and robotic cutters available for 3D profiling activities, as well as a number of portable machines for cutting (man) holes. PRIYA MECHO Profiling Contractors BV operates cutting service centres in the Netherlands (Wieringerwerf), Germany (Wenden) and England (St. Helens). In addition, our mobile cutting equipment (TPCs) enables us to perform cutting services on site.
� Cutting service centres
You deliver the materials that require profiling to PRIYA MECHO, and we take care of the rest. Our operators and work preparation staff make sure that the cutting activities correspond with the drawings you submitted and are carried out to maximum efficiency.
� On site
Our Transportable Pipe Cutter enables us to cut your materials on site if necessary. This option can be chosen if the volume or weight of the pipes makes transportation to Wieringerwerf impossible.
� TPC rental
PRIYA MECHO also offers the Transportable Pipe Cutter for rent. The offer includes the proper training of your personnel to operate the machine. We can also provide support during the start-up of your production by temporarily loaning an operator/supervisor who can perform the required programming activities on your machine on-site. Yet another option is to outsource the full programming activities to our company.