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Pipe Cutting

Thanks to PRIYA MECHO, pipe profiling has never been easier. Many years of experience have made PRIYA MECHO the specialist par excellence in the field of pipe coping, including weld preparation.
The improved weldability properties and optimised welding volume resulting from a few cuts developed by our company substantially lower the cost of the cutting and welding operation, and yet more savings are realised by better material categorisation with the help of our nesting software.
Our CADCAM system transforms your drawings into machine data. Our standard programmes include AutoCAD, Tekla and Pro-Engineer, but we also have the equipment to read several other packages.
Profiled pipes are often found in complex buildings and structures, such as football stadiums, cranes, offshore platforms and traffic portals. PRIYA MECHO was one of the players in the London Eye project, as well as the construction of both the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar and the Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam.
We can cut your pipes with oxyfuel as well as plasma cutting machines. Both ways will guarantee high quality and optimal savings on your welding costs.