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ProCutter - PC 600

The PC600 is a highly standardised cutting machine, designed for cutting complex piping constructions up to 610 mm in diameter. An exceptionally all-round machine at a very affordable price, the PC600 provides savings on welding, material and fitting costs.
A basic PC600 contains the following components:
> Software (programming / work preparation)
> Three jaw chuck
> Pipe support / cutting bed (pipe carriages or roller chute)
> Machine frame
> Y-carriage with cutting head (oxyfuel or plasma)
> Operator interface
Unique feature:
The application of PRIYA MECHO software is but one of the distinguishing technology features of the PC600. Having specialised in the optimisation of cutting shapes since 1985, we were able to incorporate all of that unique know-how into the PC600. Parameters such as root, kerf and divergence can be programmed to provide perfect fitting. The PC600 is also equipped with two patented cuts: the Partial Joint Penetration(PJP) and the Strainer, providing savings of up to 20% in welding volume.
The PC600 is applied in the following industries:
> Steel construction; arenas/stadiums, bridges, attractions, exhibition centres, airports
> Process industry; piping, skids, manifolds, heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, power plants, refineries
> Shipbuilding; piping, ventilation works
> Offshore; subsea structures, jack-ups, stingers, heli decks