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Roller Bed Pipe Cutter - RBPC

The RBPC uses a system of roller conveyors to feed pipes and remove cut parts. A cutting bed consisting of several sets of tandem wheels that can be moved up and down provides rotation of the pipes during the cutting process. The RBPC is particularly suitable in production halls without crane capacity - the roller conveyors transport the material to the machine. Absence of a three jaw chuck further allows the processing of pipes without overlength. These combined features explain why the RBPC is a popular machine in the offshore industry. A basic RBPC contains the following components: � Software (Programming Work Preparation � Infeed/outfeed system � Pipe support / cutting bed � Machine frame � Y-carriage with cutting head � Operator interface Unique feature: The application of tandem wheels is but one of the distinct technology features of the RBPC. The tandem wheels in the cutting bed compensate for any pipe deviations, prevent slippage and provide a safe working environment at the same time. The RBPC is mainly used in the offshore industry: � Jackets � Jack-ups � Wind mill foundations � Wind mill boat landings