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SHS/RHS/Square Cutting Machines

PRIYA MECHO offers a wide variety of machines for profiling several types of hollow sections (SHS/RHS). Each machine guarantees high quality 3D cuts as well as savings on welding and fitting costs. Intelligent measuring systems (laser triangulation or vision) measure any deformation of the theoretical hollow section shape and compensate where necessary. This process ensures perfect fitting and eliminates the need for grinding work.

RPC Beam Profiler

The RPC is a machine designed specifically for coping heavy beams in the offshore industry; high productivity. Intervention in the robot's axis movements through the robot controller ensures optimum manoeuvring between web and flange, preventing collisions and reducing any grinding to an absolute minimum. Intelligent software is further used to optimise lead-in, contour processing and lead-out of macro shapes so as to practically eliminate the need for grinding - a unique feature in the offshore industry.

MPC - Multi Profiler

The MPC is a machine that can be transformed into different configurations in very little time; high flexibility. The machine can be configured to cut pipes (CHS) and boxes (SHS/RHS), whereby material deformation is measured via laser triangulation for the purpose of cutting path corrections. Optionally the machine can be configured to cut beams (H) or profiles (UNP, plate/strip, bulb/HP, angle bar, T-bar) as well, whereas the different machine configuration use different pipe support systems.

Tailor made solutions Box Cutting

In case the machines presented here do not match your specific demands, we will be happy to explore the possibilities of bespoke solutions together with you. The wide array of equipment that we have manufactured over the years has included machines for 3D profiling of hollow sections in combination with, for instance, pipes or beams.