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Stationary Pipe Cutter - SPC

Using a three jaw chuck for rotation of the pipes during the cutting process, the SPC ensures ultimate accuracy. The machine can be equipped with extensive features such as oxyfuel/plasma, CAD/CAM connections, infeed/outfeed systems, marking systems, industry-specific macros/contours, etc. Depending on how you plan to use the machine we can tailor the features to your specific application.
A basic SPC contains the following components:
> Software (programming & work preparation)
> Three jaw chuck
> Pipe support / cutting bed
> Machine frame
> Y-carriage with cutting head (oxyfuel or plasma)
> Operator interface
Unique feature:
The application of a patented, biaxial cutting head that guarantees ultra-accurate cutting is but one of the distinguishing technological features of the SPC. This cutting head allows for maximum speed while cutting thin-walled pipes (3,000 mm/min for plasma), and the exact tilt of the torch provides highly precise fitting for thick-walled pipes. The compact cutting head guarantees minimum waste thanks to its ability to cut closely to the three jaw chuck.
The SPC is applied in the following industries:
> Steel construction; arenas/stadiums, bridges, attractions, exhibition centres, airports
> Process industry; piping, skids, manifolds, heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, power plants, refineries
> Shipbuilding; piping, ventilation works
> Offshore; subsea structures, jackets, jack-ups, stingers, heli decks
> Other applications include offshore wind mills, trailers, nuclear power plants, crane building