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Cutting on location or renting a cutting machine

With the PPC (Portable Pipe Cutter) and the TPC (Transportable Pipe Cutter), PRIYA MECHO Profiling Contractors has two large machines which enables them to perform on-site cutting. PRIYA MECHO Profiling Contractors also has a number of smaller machines available such as a special hole-cutter.
� PPC - Portable Pipe Cutter
The PPC is a mobile CNC cutting machine used to cut big diameter pipes up to 8,000 mm in diameter. The material being cut is placed on rollers bucks, which are already on location and the PPC will be hung in a crane. The 6-axis cutting machine then cuts all 3D contours out of thick walled steel vessels including eccentric holes, x-command, etc. Even big saddle cuts can be cut on tapered pipe sections.
� TPC - Transportable Pipe Cutter
The TPC is a transportable CNC cutting machine with which we are able to cut many different types of tubes worldwide. When a project is dealing with large numbers, for example, it is an option to send the TPC to the customer to eliminate a big amount of transportation costs.
With the TPC, we offer customers two options. Firstly, a customer can rent the TPC and use the machine on their site where it will be operated by their own employees. Secondly, the machine can be rented including PRIYA MECHO operators. If you choose to cut their own operators, they will first be thoroughly trained and provided with the necessary information to operate the machine to cut with the highest quality.