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Product Range-LED

Product Range PRIYA LIGHT is specialized in manufacturing of Led aluminium die casting enclosures. We provide Aluminium die casting for various range of products like:
>LED Street Light Enclosures
>LED Flood Light Enclosures
>LED Down Light Enclosures
>LED Garden light Enclosures
>LED Tube light Enclosures
>LED Panel Light Enclosures

Quality Assurance

PRIYA LIGHT has always placed quality at the top of its priority list ever since it was established in 1993. We follow stringent quality control checks at every point, starting right from the selection of raw materials till the final products are ready to hit the market. Raw materials like steel, paints and wires are chosen after careful inspection and that too, from highly reliable sources.
Our expert and highly skilled quality control supervisors monitor the manufacturing process thoroughly, leaving no room for even the minutest of errors. Even the filaments used in these lights are of the finest quality, making them last longer and hence, are commercially viable. All the required quality checks are done in complete accordance with the national and international quality standards.